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The Trivium Curriculum shop is open for browsing only while we prepare for the upcoming school year.

Using your allotted points for your student(s), you will order Curriculum for you and your student(s) to borrow for the Academic School Year. The curriculum is tracked through a point system. There is no money exchanged upon ordering, instead, points are deducted from your Curriculum Shop account based on the point value of each item. Each grade tab shown above will take you to the curriculum selections Trivium provides for you to choose from in the subject areas of Language Arts, Math, and Supplemental. There is also a search bar on the top if you are searching for a specific curriculum. All Curriculum displayed in our Curriculum Shop: Teacher Manuals, Student Workbooks, Manipulatives, Literature books, Audios, and Online Curriculum subscriptions are the property of Trivium Charter School. At the end of the school year or if your student is no longer enrolled at Trivium, you must return all Curriculum items, except workbooks that have been consumed. Online Curriculum subscriptions vary in length and some will be cancelled upon disenrollment.

We encourage you to read through the Curriculum Catalogs for your relevant grade(s). These catalogs provide product descriptions and links to samples and reviews to assist you in choosing the curriculum that will be the optimum fit for you and your student(s). We also have a Curriculum FAQ that addresses questions such as, Where do I start?  Do I need to order all of my curriculum materials at once, etc. You may find it helpful to use the Curriculum Planner Template to help you plan your order. It is not an order form, but rather, an outline to organize your curriculum choices to make the ordering process easier for you.

If you have any questions about ordering curriculum, please contact your Learning Center's Curriculum Advisor.

Atascadero: Deb Lang

Arroyo Grande: Jill Beyea

Santa Maria: Jeannie Saunders

Lompoc: Marla Johnson

Santa Barbara: Jane Soto

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